Act With Confidence

See your work, share your ideas, solve problems, build your right environment.

It’s a Universal Pattern.

“I don’t know what to do, like, for anything!” 

Remote, hybrid, and gig work. Rapidly evolving competition and always-changing priorities have taken over our teams, our careers, and how we manage everything. 

Layoffs and consolidations have created unreasonable expectations. 

No one knows what to do next. 

Overload drives people to rash decisions, information hoarding, and massive stress. No one can act with confidence…so they act slowly, if at all.

Who wins?

Responding effectively to the unknown and constant surprises requires that we know the right thing to do at the right time, what everyone on our team is doing, and have real agency. We need to be able to act with confidence.

Who Falls Behind?

Or we can keep the failed status quo of routine death by meetings, overload, lack of focus, and being uninformed.

Acting With Confidence

Teams and professionals have: the information they need to act, a strong team culture that enables and expects timely, effective action

They know how their decisions and actions impact daily work, projects and company goals.

What Gets In Our Way?

We are stopped regularly by unclear missions, changing priorities, lack of information (and the list goes on).  Overload, arbitrary process, status quo bias, and lack of clarity combine to take teams of great professionals and reduce them to mediocre workers.

These are difficult problems at the best of times. With today’s rate of change, they are killing you, your team, and your company.

The Modus Institute Fix

Don’t Settle: Individual professionals and their teams can act with confidence in the face of surprises and change. At Modus Institute we make confident action possible for you, your team, or your company.


Immediate Improvement 

We offer proven courses in seeing your work visually, solving problems, creating strong cultures, and getting the right work done at the right time.

Learn on Your Schedule 

Learning isn’t just taking a class, it requires conversation. Our classes are bolstered by a global community of professionals, all working to find innovative ways to approach today’s distributed and challenging working reality.

The Learning You Need, The Way You Need It

Learning and community can be at your own pace or in a set of online meetings with an instructor. Our instructor led classes spread learning out over time, so people can learn a little, implement, iterate, and repeat.

Whether you are an individual professional looking to upskill, a team looking to align, or a company wanting to improve operations, there are Modus Institute tracks for each.

Solve The Real Problems

In our platinum subscription, we take the most common frustrations of the modern workplace head-on:

  • Overload and clarity

    • Personal Kanban Course

    • Successful Distributed Teams Course 

  • Old, failing processes 

    • Value Stream Mapping Course

    • The Right Environment Courses

  • Letting problems fester, and 

    • Finding Solutions Course 

  • Lack of clarity 

    • Better Meetings Course

    • Personal Prioritization Course

    • Team Prioritization  Course

The community extends these courses with lively discussion from your global professional peers, all of whom are navigating the same kinds of unexpected change as you.

Trusted Results

Over 100 companies and agencies worldwide have worked with Modus to control overload, visualize their work, and build truly organized and effective teams. Modus Institute gives you the mindset and the tools to create informed teams of professional individuals that can act with confidence.