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Modus Institute is Led by Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria, creators of Personal Kanban, Lean Coffee and other tools used around the world. We started Modus Institute to provide training in visual and collaborative management, but also to build a global network of change agents, thoughtful professionals, and other people anxious to build better companies and teams. 

Work needs to be humane and professional.

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The Pain MI Solves

  • We are overloaded
  • We can't prioritize our work
  • Conversations become political battles
  • Meetings become boring requirements
  • We silo, divide and collapse
  • Work isn't fun, rewarding, or interesting

Why is Modus Institute?

We want work to be humane.

We want to collaborate, learn, build quality products and services.

We want to be professionals.

We want to be respected and respect others.

We want to solve the hard problems, rather than be buried by the petty ones.

At Modus Institute, we build systems to do exactly that.

What is Modus Institute

A community of people wanting to make work rewarding.

A community of people relentless in finding practical ways to achieve quality, rapid delivery, and satisfied customers.

A community of professionals who want to always be refining their skills.

A community of life-long-learners who do not accept status-quo mediocrity.

What we are NOT

We are not another 2 day sit-in-a-room-and-get-certified class.

We are not a process religion.

We are not lulled by the thought that there is "one way" to do things.

We are not interesting in finding the easy way out.

Modus Institute has given me incredible value.
~ Mark Kilby

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